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SPC (stretch, pitch, condition) at Cyp Hit Lab

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 5:00-5:45 & 6-6:30 p.m. 

Hands on proper stretching, pitching mechanics, velocity, and post training conditioning led by Coach Connor Thomas and Alex Lator

  •                                                               Every player will start their first session with an evaluation. This includes pitching velocity, 60 yard dash time, Ball Strike ratio with 20 pitches. Each athlete will receive a binder with their evaluation statistics. Every time the player participates in SPC at Cyp Hit Lab, their new stats will be recorded on a new sheet and added to their binder. 

  • Training will consists of proper stretching of the full body, Long toss throwing, throwing with weighted balls, progression bullpen pitching, and pitching with hitters in the batter's box (not swinging)

We want to give every player the chance to succeed in baseball and in life. Whether it may be to make the local select team, earn a starting position, become a starting pitcher, make the Highschool baseball team, earn a College Scholarship. All of these things are possible with a strong work ethic and proper guidance. We want to be that someone that makes an impact in your son's life. 

90 minutes of SPC at Cyp Hit Lab is only $60. Drop in at anytime. 

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